Many sports fans often wonder how the funds will be credited to the office and most importantly, how to withdraw your winnings from it. Despite the fact that in the last decade people have become more trusting about money transactions on the Internet, many online bookmakers have negative reviews, so beginners are afraid to risk their money.

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Icons world currency is really the main risk is that you can get carried away with the rates and lose your money in a matter of days. With regards to deposits or withdrawals, there is absolutely nothing to fear. There are, of course, and fraudulent offices, but they are identified by only one request in any search engine. Open rating bookmakers, and register in any office of the first few dozen rating, without fear that your money will be stolen. Let's see how the transfer of funds to the office and their withdrawal from there.

Even before the registration stage in the office, you can learn all the ways to transfer funds to understand whether they are acceptable to you.
Almost every BC has a section where it is indicated how the player can replenish his account. If you do not find such a section, you should contact the operator of the office and ask him about the method by which you would like to replenish the account.
An important issue is the time of transfer of funds to the account.
It depends on both the bookmaker and the method of enrollment. Now the funds in most cases are credited instantly, but in certain ways the bookmaker can not replenish the account quickly. For example, when you Deposit money into your account via Bank transfer, it will only arrive at the office a few days later and only then will it reach your account.
Withdrawals usually take longer.
The rules of the offices specified the maximum withdrawal period. If you find such a point in the rules and it is specified that the maximum withdrawal period is 5 days, it does not mean that you have to wait so long. The bookmaker is simply insured in case of unforeseen circumstances. In most cases, the money comes within a day, in some offices and the conclusion does take only 20-40 minutes, but again, much depends on the method of withdrawal.
Please note that some offices charge a fee for the transfer from the player.
From the game in such BC should be abandoned, as the Commission, coupled with the margin is already too much. Carefully study the rules of the offices about the withdrawal. There can be such interesting points as only one free withdrawal per month, a large Commission when withdrawing, if the player has not put down his Bank completely, etc. Pitfalls are here, but this is rather an exception. In the rules of the office all set out, so they should be read before the registration stage.
Most offices do not allow you to make deposits/withdrawals in different ways.
If you have replenished your account through the card of Sberbank, then you need to withdraw to the account from which the funds were credited.
Use the convenient currency

What way to choose?
Bank card.
If the office works with banks, it means that it passed their check. Banks do not cooperate with fraudsters, so the presence of such a method of account transactions speaks in favor of the office. In most cases, there is no fee for depositing or withdrawing funds to a Bank card.
Bank transfer.
The method is reliable, but it takes a few days.
Electronic payment system.
Opening an account in any payment system will take 5-10 minutes at most. It is very convenient to use e-money, but a small Commission is charged(0.5-1%), and when withdrawing funds to the card it can reach 6-8%.
Cellular operator.
A method that we strongly recommend that you do not use. Commission when you enter funds from the operator can reach 30%.
Betting shops.
If the offices have betting shops in your city, you can make transactions with the account at their cash Desk. Bookmakers do not charge Commission for such operation.
Mail transfer or transfer through common systems.
Money will not come to you soon, so it is better to use another way.
Please note that it is better to open an account in the currency in which you earn money. If you live in Russia in rubles, if in Ukraine in UAH, etc. If your national currency is unstable or such currency is not provided in the bookmaker's office, then open an account in dollars. Next, you should open a wallet in the WebMoney payment system, so as not to lose additional funds when converting currencies.

As you can see, nothing complicated here. The first withdrawal may cause you to worry, but in the future you will be confident in the bookmaker as well as confident in the Bank where your money is stored.